What is PBIS?

PBIS is a comprehensive, 3-tiered approach to implementing a positive and consistent student discipline system in schools. PBIS encourages a positive school climate by focusing systematically on the general school population, students at risk and students with intensive or chronic behavioral and emotional problems. PBIS also recognizes that responses to problem behavior need to be consistent across classroom and non-classroom settings.



The primary functions of the Center on PBIS are to study, organize, and disseminate empirically-supported behavioral practices and interventions within the prevention-oriented framework of PBIS systems. The Center mainly works with school, district, and state leadership teams to improve the social culture and behavioral climate of classrooms and schools.



Our PBIS Goals

  • Increased instructional time.

  • Reduction in number of days students are out of class due to suspensions and alternative placements.

  • Increased academic achievement.

  • Improvement in school climate.

  • Reduction in suspensions and expulsions.

  • Increase in graduation rates


Why Focus on Behavior?

  • Behavior problems can impact a school.

  • Lost instructional time.

  • Disrespect between staff and students.

  • Negative school climate.

  • Low academic achievement.

  • Negative perception in the community.

  • High teacher turnover.



Hundreds of studies have shown that negative responses to behaviors do not reduce chronic discipline problems.

PBIS is a different approach:

Prevention Behavior expectations are taught, encouraged, acknowledged, and celebrated in a systematic way throughout the school. Positive behavior is regularly reinforced and recognized.

Response The response to unwanted behavior is structured, systematic and consistent. The entire school community is on the same page with respect to behavioral expectations and the most effective response to problem behaviors.

Data-driven Discipline data is collected school wide. The data helps us understand when and where problem behavior is more likely to occur. Strategies to address behaviors in these situations are developed and the data then provides evidence for whether the strategies are working.

Process PBIS is not a packaged curriculum. PBIS provides a framework that guides schools through a process of addressing the specific behavioral issues at your school.