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This is the page to leap off from into virtual library resources on the Internet.


Unite for Literacy

This site has an growing online library of one hundred simple picture books written in English and narrated (on demand) in English and in 15 other world and indigenous languages for read-alouds and for the youngest and newest readers.


From the website, "DigitalInformation for South Carolina USers – provides free access to an electronic library that’s available 24/7."  Get the user name and password from Mrs. DuBose.

FES Library Catalog

The library's home page is a list of links to all kinds of webpages from authors to other libraries to games and parent resources, not to mention the library catalog!

Accelerated Reader

This is the website where you take short quizzes on books you have read.  Warning!  Be sure and finish the book.  There is always a question from near the end!


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